Q: How can I tell it’s an ant?

Britain’s bad weather and colder climate mean that only a few dozen ant species have made our island their home, with the most common being the black Garden Ant. All ants are part of the insect family and are characterised by a body divided into three, six legs and a pair of antennae. Minuscule but mighty, an average ant is only four to six millimetres long but can carry between 10 and 50 times its own body weight!

Q: What are the signs of infestation?

Thankfully, you’re unlikely to find ants in your pants, with your kitchen the mostly likely scene of the crime. It’s obvious, but seeing ants in action is the number one indication that you have an ant problem, but it’s also worth having a look around the perimeter of your property for signs of an ant nest nearby. As foragers, ants will travel to find new food sources, leaving behind a chemical trail for others to follow, which is why you might see a line of ants marching across your work top and floors.

Q: How do I get rid of ants?

DIY removal to get rid of ants isn’t recommended, as most over-the-counter treatments won’t adequately tackle the root of the infestation. Only a professional can establish the true extent of your ant problem. A pest controller will be able to correctly identify what type of ant is invading your home and which treatment is best suited to get rid of the ants. Once the source of infestation has been properly treated, you can continue with a home programme of prevention to maintain an ant-free zone.

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